You can sit with me!


I don’t think there’s any girl out there who can’t remember the quote “You can’t sit with us!” from Mean Girls. When someone wanted to sit at the Plastic’s lunch table when wearing some other color than pink on a Wednesday, a ponytail more than once in a week or wearing track pants on a day that isn’t a Friday.

This is such a pathetic and hilarious moment at the same time but I also think that this scene is something we can learn from since this, even if not in such obvious ways, happens all the time in real life as well. We judge people based on what they wear and don’t wear and how they look. It is such a horrible thing when you think about it but we really place people in different categories based on their appearances. Of course most people make an active decision to be a part of a certain group but this is not what I’m talking about at this point.

Usually if I judge someone or have bad thoughts about someone I immediately feel bad about it and have to replace those bad thoughts with several good ones. Sometimes it can really become ridiculous the way I feel but this has also taught me that no one will benefit from unnecessary judgment. Usually, the things we judge about are things we really have no clue about and it really makes me feel sick and uncomfortable to be with people who does this. Everyday we need to make an active choice on what kind of person we want to be, and even if we simply cannot like every person in the world, we can at least accept each other’s differences.

This month’s challenge will therefore be not to pass judgment and also don’t be affected by it! Let’s see how this will go!

I’m wearing/You can sit with me tee from Zara/Jeans shorts from Giorgio Armani/Bracelet and ring from grandma/Watch from Nixon/


  1. outfittingu

    You are so right, we ALL need to make a conscious effort to change how and what we judge people on or by. Your style of blogging in this post is just like mine. LOVE IT visit my blog some time


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