Update from Italy

We have been so incredibly active in Milan for the last few days that our bodies are hurting from all the walking. That is probably quite good though since all we have done apart from that is eating, eating and eating. Just like a holiday should be in other words!

On Saturday it was super warm and we walked around in just tshirts. Yesterday it was still warm but extremely grey and humid so we had to make a few stops during the day to make it. First we started off the day with an espresso and then walked around some shops for a bit before it was time for lunch. We ate at a place called Rugantino that we had gotten a recommendation for. We both ate pasta which kept us full for some more shopping and then ending up at the Dolce & Gabbana bar/restaurant where we drank some coffee. I really love Milan and all of its little gems! Such a wonderful place.

In the evening we jumped on a train to Bologna which had a super delay…woho. So when we finally arrived we took a walk through town and then went for a pizza slice around the corner which was absolutely delicious! Will come home in the size of a whale from here! Now we are heading out for coffee and then we will see where the day brings us! I’m sensing a lot of eating again.



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