Undercover Knuckleduster

BAM Photography by Me

UNDERCOVER KNUCKLEDUSTER. Last night I went to Wies place and had some drinks with her and her boyfriend, and later Jules and his date. After that I of course knew that I would not be going home so we went to Baut which had amazing music but sadly there were not that many people there. After that we took a cab to a bar in the Joardaan which was super nice! We went there with some dutchies so of course I didn’t catch the name of it…

Now I’m working for one more hour and then I’m off to the Hague. Will be so nice to have a nice dinner and then watch a movie and go to sleep. Have been fighting against my eyelids the entire day!

Anyways, when I go out I love wearing these huge rings. It’s strange but they immediately make me feel safer since I’m completely convinced that if someone would attack me on my way home I would be able to knock them out. Kind of like a under cover knuckleduster!

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