(Un)Conscious Shopping


I really wish I could write that I am one of those super conscious shoppers who only buy five basic pieces per year that I know will not go out of style. I wish I could say that I analyze my wardrobe on a regular basis to distinguish what I wear and what pieces are worth investing in. So many times I have sworn to become this person, but I guess it’s difficult to teach an old dog how to sit, right?

The thing is that it doesn’t matter how bad it sounds, but I am a very spontaneous shopper. I am so spontaneous that I usually prefer not to try things on before purchasing them, which as you may already understand quite often leads to disappointments at home.

This however does not mean that I spend a fortune on clothes. Usually I visit a shop once or twice to check out the new collections and for the rest, if I need something I always look up online what they have before I head over there. But it is on these occasions (and also of course when my friends manage to get me out shopping) that those little accidents happen.

Anyways, lately I have bought pieces in the wrong sizes on several occasions to when I went shopping in Barcelona I was extra careful to try the things on before leaving the store. I mean, it’s okay to make a mistake once, twice, okay maybe three times or four times, but at some point it’s time to learn from your mistakes.


I’m wearing/dress from Zara/ballerinas from Zara/watch from Nixon/the ring and bracelet are both from my grandma/

DSC_8518DSC_8465 DSC_8463 DSC_8458

DSC_8517 DSC_8523



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