Turtleneck chill-mode

DSC_0681Those who are following me on Instagram already saw the first photo in this post yesterday from when I was chilling at home on the sofa in my new turtleneck from Zara that I got the other day. During the winter there’s really nothing like turtlenecks, either when outside or inside! I’ve been wearing this one non-stop since I got it a few days back.

At the moment my life is really all about doing things that makes me feel good. Like resting a lot, drinking a lot of tea and watching a lot of Swedish TV as well as taking daily walks around town. It is no incredibly nice to be home and I’m not looking forward to going back to Holland, except for the fact that I will see my love this weekend of course.

Btw, how do you like my self-made bob? Makes me realise how incredibly different I would look in short hair! I’ve always been one for the long (for myself, love short hair on others) so not in my planning to change anything yet! But let’s see. Anyways, this thing about having the hair inside the turtleneck is something I really like. I love having it out as well, but it is true that when the hair is out it makes it look like your head is free-flying in the air since you can’t really see the neck. And that’s not something we want do we?!

DSC_0687 DSC_0685


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