“We live on the earth together, breathe the same air, so pay attention to the beauty around us and live! We have more in common than we think! “/Viktoria Chan

Wherever I go I usually have to carry a lot of things with me. I’m always having my computer in my bag, notebooks, my huge DSLR and the list just goes on and on. Therefore, the Breathe Bag is a perfect example of the kind of bag I like carrying around during the weekdays. It perfectly fits all my things and the colours are nice and subtle which makes it fit to almost every outfit.

Also, the message behind the bag is so beautiful and true! It is about that we all live on the same earth together and breathe the same air and that we should take care about each other. Really something I think that people should think about more often. So often people just don’t care about others simply because they don’t know them, but imagine what a wonderful place the world would be if people just started caring more about each other and taking care of the things and people around us.

For the rest, as I told you earlier, it started poring down during this shoot, which I actually think made the result of the photos quite interesting. It is always fun when things happen that you don’t really expect since it makes the result different than you imagined.

Today I am going back for a couple of hours to Stockholm and then back tonight again. I really don’t want to leave the country side for some reason. It is so amazingly calm and nice out here and all I want to do is to be outside and soak up the sun!

I’m wearing/Breathe Bag from VIKTORIA CHAN/Shorts from One Teaspoon/ Top from H&M/Shoes from Spring Court via NicoNico/Watch from Nixon/


DSC_7519 DSC_7518 DSC_7515
DSC_7507 DSC_7504





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