TRENDENEUR presents The English Restaurant

THE ENGLISH RESTAURANT. During easter me and Bou visited The English Restaurant in Spitafields. It looked and felt exactly like the name suggested, like an English restaurant. After having looked through the menu, we decided to go for the day’s special set menu with a smoked halibut salad with pomegranate and blood orange as a starter and confit duck leg with pan-fried globe artichoke, red cabbage, mushroom and cheese ravioli. Of course we also had to finish up with some deserts. During the entire meal we had been staring at a blueberry and pistachio cake that was standing 2 meters away from us, so it had to be one of those and a rhubarb pie with white chocolate ice-cream.

Such an amazing lunch and we were fascinated by the friendly people working there for hours afterwards. Really a great experience!

For more information about The English Restaurant:
Music: Tugboat – Meursault

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