The Year Of 2014


Today it’s the 31st of December which means the last day of the year! Can’t believe time passes by so insanely quickly. To wrap up the year I decided to answer some questions about my year of 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Did you do something in 2014 that you never did before? 

I tried out SUP (Stand Up Paddling) for the first time. My best friend Majken worked at Surfbussen in Stockholm and took me out to try it. I was so scared of falling into the water since my balance was absolutely horrible but managed to keep myself on the board the entire time. Woho. I got completely hooked and when we went to Spain a week later we SUPed around an island there. So much fun!

Did you make any big changes in your life? Not that I can think of.


Which date from 2014 will you always remember?A very recent one! The 24th of December since it was the first time ever I celebrated my beloved Christmas eve away from my family. I thought it was going to be super difficult for me both since I’m a real traditionalist and since I would miss my family of course but me and Bou (my boyfriend) had such an amazing day together. We biked around Amsterdam during the day to do some shopping and have lunch and in the evening we made some traditional Swedish Christmas food before we handed out the presents.

Which countries did you visit?

The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Spain & England.

The best purchase?

Definitely my new TV that I bought a couple of weeks ago for my room. It’s both the biggest blessing and the biggest curse! I love being able to lay in my bed and watch Netflix on a big screen instead of on my small computer but it does keep me in bed a lot more than usual!

Did something make you extra happy?

This year has definitely been full of challenges but also countless moments of happiness. I cannot think of one thing that made me extra happy. For example, every moment I’ve been going to Düsseldorf to see my boyfriend has been moments of happiness, every time he comes to Amsterdam, every time I have been at home in Stockholm to see my family, the moments when family members have come to visit me – the moments are countless!

Did you miss something during 2014 that you want to happen 2015?

In 2014 I only traveled within Europe which is great but next year I would love to go somewhere more exotic and further away for a couple of weeks with my boyfriend. I’m really craving for some exotic beaches right now!

What do you wish you would have done more of?

I wish I would have spent more time with friends and family. So often I am just completely out of energy and prefer staying at home instead of going out to see friends and especially those moments when I am at home in Sweden. I really want to become better at spending time with friends whilst being at home so that is something I will work on in 2015!



What do you wish you would have done less of?

I wish I would have let go of unnecessary annoyances more easily. Sometimes I get stuck in negative thoughts and especially when I disagree with someone’s behavior and I really need to just let go and tell myself not to let those things affect me.


Favorite serie?

Ohohoh. This is a difficult one. The favorite of the moment would probably have to be Lilyhammer but not sure if it’s the best of 2014.


The best book you read this year?

I really loved #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Such a great and inspiring book!


What was your biggest success at work 2014?

I don’t know if I can call it a success yet since it happened so recently, but I’ve gotten more responsibilities and becoming in charge of handling the collection at FracasNoir as Creative Director. This is something I am so extremely excited about. Also, another thing that is not a success yet since it isn’t launched is a sports company I’m working on together with my aunt. I absolutely love the idea and I consider it a success that we have already come so far in the development of this idea. (You will find out more later)

What was your biggest success in your private life 2014?

Definitely my relationship with my boyfriend. Tonight it’s 3 years ago since I kissed this amazing man for the first time and I definitely consider my biggest success that we are in such a happy place now.



Your biggest mistake?

My biggest mistake is having too much faith in people. I always want to believe that people are born good but some moments this year has really proven me the opposite. One example (this is not the worst one): One day my doorbell rang and I went downstairs to open it. There stood a guy who told me he was my neighbour and that he had locked himself out of his house. He told me that he needed to go to his mum in Utrecht who had his extra key but had all his things inside of the apartment and wanted to borrow my phone. So I let him make a call with my phone and he gave it back to me and then asked if I had an OV-card to lend him (a card you use to be able to take the train). I told him mine was broken and then he asked if he could borrow 20 euros for the ride which he would come back with later. So my mind worked like this: I lent out my iPhone to this guy and he gave it back so if I lend him 20 euros then he should do that as well. So I gave him 20 euros and he said he would be back in one hour. About three hours later (and after my boyfriend telling me countless of times how I should have never given him anything and me telling him he needed to have more faith in people.) the doorbell rang and I got so extremely happy to see the guys face again. Woho! People in this world really are kind. But no, he wanted to ask for another 20 euros since he needed that to pay the key-man but since I didn’t have it at home I said no. After this the bastard never came back and to be honest I didn’t even care about the 20 euros but for me it was more about that I was so sad that I had to realise that not everybody out there are good. And yes, he had a gold tooth. #nojudgement

Were you happier or sadder this year compared to earlier years?

The ups and downs during this year has been extreme. I’ve had moments I’ve been so happy I didn’t know what to do with myself and moments when I’ve been very sad and struggled a lot with everything around me. But that’s the thing with life, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s really bad and all you can do is to enjoy the ride and hope that tomorrow will be better! 

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 8.18.44 PM

What did you spend the most money on?

Hmm… I don’t really know, but as boring as that may sound it is definitely the rent on my apartment. I didn’t do any insane purchases this year so that would have to be it.

Was there something you wished for and received?

Last year when me and my boyfriend broke up I wished that we would get back together and that everything would be amazing again and that wish definitely came true.

Was there something you wished for and didn’t receive?

Not that I can think of.


What did you do on your birthday in 2014?

At twelve o’clock me and some friends were dancing in the apartment and drinking champagne before deciding to continue the celebrations at Henry’s. After some sleep I woke up to a brunch that my roommates, one of their boyfriends and Bou had made and after that me and Bou spent the rest of the day in bed until we went for dinner at de Biertuin. It was a good day but we were so extremely tired from me and my roommates joint birthday party we had the day before that we didn’t do that much. We had our party on a boat that drove around in the canals in Amsterdam which started around 3ish the day before so it was a long party to say the least.

Is there something that could have made your year even better?

If I’d had more time with my friends and family. Sometimes it’s difficult not living in your home country and many times I think it would be so nice to go back.

What made you happy?

My family, boyfriend and friends.


Who did you miss?

Like every year I miss my friend Josefin a lot. A couple of days ago it was 10 years since she died and I cannot believe so much time has already passed. Also, I missed my best friend Majken a lot. It’s difficult not seeing your best friend that often but the moments you do you really appreciate so much.


DSC_1272Who are you most proud over?

I’m the most proud over my boyfriend who has worked so extremely hard and dedicated so much time to his job. He is such a hard working man and I really admire him for all the personal time he puts into it. Also, he has the biggest heart and cares so much about all the people around him.

What is your biggest wish right now?

My biggest wish is that I will keep on being happy with my personal relationships as well as that the company me and my aunt are working on will be a success!

What are you planning on doing differently next year?

There are quite a few things. I want to become better at keeping my personal and professional life apart, not take set-backs personally as well as dedicate more time to my friends.


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