The little statements

DSC_0256Today I saw the heaven and sunlight for the first time in ages. It felt so strange and it made me so happy immediately! It is so strange how we let the temperature and weather affect our moods. Suddenly when I go shopping I’m no longer attracted to anything that doesn’t spell big, cosy, knitted or turtleneck. It just seams too far away to even imagine wearing t-shirts, dresses or leather jackets. Even the cropped or rolled up jeans no longer seam tempting and the colder it gets the less I start caring.

The other day when me and my sister took the courage to leave the apartment for a quick walk with our dog it was raining and was so cold my lips turned blue within just a couple of minutes, and even though I was wearing a beanie and a cashmere scarf it was far from enough. But even if there’s no such thing as beautiful dresses or skirts being worn at this time of year, sometimes the small details can shed some extra light in the darkness. For this day, I chose to pair my black, grey and dark blue outfit with an amazing pair of silver Nike’s. I mean without them wouldn’t this outfit have been quite boring? I think so at least and I know for sure this is how I will be doing it throughout this winter. Wearing black or blue from top and down to my ankles where a nice pair of statement shoes will be!

What are your tips and tricks to look cool during the winter?

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