The Leopard Dress

DSC_4349 The perfect leopard dress with hints of different faded colours, best paired with a minimal amount of silver accessories and white shoes. When I spotted this beauty I was completely sold and new it was going to be a new favourite.

There’s something about leopard print that always brings that little extra to an outfit. It brings femininity and gives the impression of confidence at it’s best. Usually, I am not too much of a dress person, but lately I have been feeling more and more at home in them, and to my surprise, especially in the once in eclectic and cool prints. I have really learnt to step out of my comfort zone, which usually involves simplistic outfits in blacks, greys and whites and started embracing different styles.

I truly believe this is because of me moving to Holland last year. The culture there is so incredibly relaxed and people don’t tend to dress up at all, compared to in Sweden where most people have a very well put together style. I was always an extremely relaxed person who wanted to feel as comfortable as possible in my clothes, but now being back in Sweden during the summer, I can so feel how I have longed to dress up. You get so motivated to wear nice clothes and experiment when you’re surrounded by people who dress up quite a lot.

So hopefully, this is something I will bring with me when I go back to Holland in two weeks, but let’s see!

I’m wearing/dress from Zara/Shoes from Forever 21/Ring from H&M/One bracelet from grandma and one from Tiffany & Co.

DSC_4299DSC_4292 DSC_4277DSC_4267 DSC_4251 DSC_4355 DSC_4309 DSC_4290DSC_4263



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