That Jacket

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Photos by Mona von Zweigbergk

As I told you earlier I arrived in Düsseldorf on Friday to visit my boyfriend. We had such an amazing weekend. The Saturday we spent running around town in the rain, visiting a super nice café around the corner and in the evening we went to a football stadium in a town nearby to watch a football game which was a lot of fun. After that we went for some cocktails at a bar around the corner before we got too tired and went home to sleep.

Yesterday we went for a walk over to the other side of the bridge where we had lunch, walked around in the sun for a bit and then went to the Rhine tower to have a ”cosy drink” while reading our books. It was super touristy and not the way we had imagined it at all but the view was of course amazing.

Today I have some work I want to take care of and after that I’m planning on going for a long walk or a run out in the sun! Let’s see what this day will bring.


I’m wearing/Jacket from H&M/Rings from H&M/Jeans from True Religion/Bag from Chanel

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