_DSC3163Ahh I just love these photos! My sister is such a talented photographer and I’m not looking forward to going back to Amsterdam in the end of August. Anyways, as I told you we left the country house yesterday and headed back to Stockholm where we picked up some pizza for dinner before I headed to Ute Compagniet to meet up with my friend Felicia for some wine.

Today I’m going to run some errands that needs to be done before we go to Aguiablava and Barcelona tomorrow. I need to dye my eyebrows and at some point me and mum are going to drop our dog Clinton off at grandma and grandpa’s. So looking forward to tomorrow night when we will sit on a nice restaurant and eat tapas and drink wine!
_DSC3224 _DSC3190


_DSC3222 _DSC3160 _DSC3239

_DSC3249 _DSC3182




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