Sweet Morning

morningSWEET MORNING. Ahh this morning I woke up in my bed completely rested! Last night I decided to clean my entire room, which basically means throwing down all of my stuff from my shelves, wipe the surfaces and try to manage getting everything back on the shelves again. It took a couple of hours but the feeling of going to sleep in a completely spotless room was completely worth it!

I put on some fresh sheets and put on my new, super comfortable sleep-shirt from Victoria’s Secret that I received in a package from my aunt the other day. So let’s say it was the perfect wake-up for me!

Now a couple of hours of studying and then Bou is coming. If the weather gets better we are going to The Rolling Kitchens here in Amsterdam and if it stays this bad we are probably going to a place called The Fat Dog where they have super cool hotdogs with truffle mayonnaise and foie gras! Yum!



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