Sweet as Candy

photo 41

Photography by Sarah Södersten

This was how I looked yesterday for the FracasNoir branding meeting with Sarah. The sun was out but it was still super cold! The meeting went great and we are now done with the draft for our branding proposal which I think will be super amazing if it goes through. Could not be more excited about all the upcoming photoshoots, events etc. and hopefully we will be flying over my awesome sister to Holland so that she can shoot our campaign shoot. Really exciting but let’s see!

I have a ton of work left to do today before I go to Düsseldorf at 5 this evening. I want to be done with everything so I can just completely relax when I get there. There’s nothing more horrible than trying to relax and have fun while still having the feeling there’s something that needs to be done. So I will try to get on with it now so that I can enjoy the weekend afterwards! I wish you all an amazing weekend!


I’m wearing/top from Forever21/Backpack from Prada/Coat from H&M/Trousers from Weekday/Shoes from Nike/

photo 42

photo 38

photo 49 photo 45


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