sthlmSWDN. It literally felt like I didnt have a single moment to sit still during this weekend. It started on Thursday evening when me and Bou flew to Stockholm where we spent the night at my aunts place before we had to drive up to my sisters school at 7.30 in the morning the day after.

We were there for her graduation which was a lot of fun. After a couple of hours at school we took the car to Sunne where the graduation party was held. It was my 6th year there and we all had so much fun!

The day after we had to get up early in the morning again to drive the 4 hours back to Stockholm where we had about 2 hours rest before we headed to a family friend’s 50th birthday, stayed there for a while and completely passed out when we got back home and on the Sunday we had to leave the apartment for the airport already at 3. So no rest for me no! But at least it was really nice to be home for a weekend and it didn’t feel that bad flying back to Holland since I know I will be back in my lovely Stockholm within a month!

This week I have so much to do for school that I can’t even think about it without getting completely stressed out. Anyways, now I will go back to studying and after that spend some hours working
Have a great day!

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