Sunny days


 Ohh these sunny days! Right now I’m balancing working with planning my May holiday and in a minute I’m off to my Chinese exam. Needless to say I’m longing for more heat even though it’s pretty sunny here in Amsterdam!

After the exam is done I need to start writing my application letters for internships since I need to do one after the summer. Pretty excited not having to study for half a year so the motivation is definitely there although it’s difficult deciding what kind of company to go into. I am so curious to find out where this will bring me so let’s see what happens.

For the rest we are working hard on finalizing everything for Sport Without Limits and I could not be more excited about launching soon. If you haven’t read about it yet please check out and like our facebook page HERE. We are getting some exciting trainers in now so hopefully the launch will be ASAP. If you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to let me know. 🙂 



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