Sunday Best

DSC_9151Yesterday was spent exactly the way a Sunday should be spent. We dragged ourselves out of bed, went for a walk in the park and went to an Italian restaurant where we indulged in pasta and tortellini. It was one of those places where everybody seamed to know each other, one way or another, and I loved sitting there and just observing the people around us. After the after lunch coffee, we went to buy some ice cream at a gelateria that we ate on our way home. The rest of the Sunday was spent in complete relaxation – watching some football, finishing the book I bought on Friday and just being exactly as lazy as you’re allowed to be on the resting day.

However, as the day went by I knew that it would soon be time for me to head back to Amsterdam, so as the final touch, Bou cooked us some red wine risotto and brought me to the station. It was with a heavy heart that I stepped on the train but also, after a weekend like this it will also be nice to get back to real life with some responsibilities. Now I am motivated to get back to school and put my teeth into some new work-related things.

So, this outfit may be describes as the typical Sunday outfit (when you need to move outside the apartment that is). It screams comfortability but still looks nice enough to be okay to be seen in public with. Since the weather was a bit colder yesterday compared to the last few days, I decided to borrow Bou’s sweater and wear to a skirt and ankle boots. For me, there’s nothing better than wearing his clothes. As soon as I get the chance I use his things since I feel that there’s something especially comfortable with them.

DSC_9152 DSC_9158


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