Streets of Amsterdam

stripes3STREETS OF AMSTERDAM. So yesterday in the middle of my little Sunday boredom Carolina came downstairs and asked if I wanted to go for a walk, so of course I said yes. We walked through the centre and through Jordaan where they have the most amazing architecture and it’s so idyllic with all of the canals. The photo of a canal towards the end looks completely photoshopped but I haven’t edited a single thing on it, so now you can get the feeling!

Today I had school between 8.30-10.10 and then I left for work straight afterwards. I am so excited about it being Monday again so I can finally have some routine! Hope you’ll have a great start of the week!


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  1. trendsencounters

    Aha! So you found something great to do on Sunday! 😉
    Really amazing pictures (as always); everything looks damn beautiful.
    And I’m not really glad about the fact that it’s Monday, but thankful because I have a chance to be more productive to be this week.
    Have a lovely one! xx

  2. rebecca

    Thank you that means a lot to me that you like my photos! Yes that sounds good haha, always great to try to be as productive as possible! Have a great week!


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