Strawberry Mint Smoothie

DSC_1843The other day I bought some fresh strawberries and when I tasted one it tasted completely artificial 🙁 I just could not enjoy eating them so I decided to make a smoothie of them instead. Since I also had some fresh mint at home I decided to make a slightly different smoothie than my usual one – a strawberry mint smoothie! It ended up being absolutely delicious and super fresh which is perfect either as a snack during the day or for breakfast. I drink smoothies on a daily basis and always feel that they bring me that extra bit of energy. Usually I start my day with a smoothie and a coffee and wait about 1.5 – 2 hours before I have a ”second breakfast” such as gluten free crackers with avocado or boiled eggs.

You will need:


Fresh Mint (I used about 5 leaves for one smoothie but test until you get the flavour of your own preference)

Lactose free yoghurt


Blend the ingredients in a mixer until smooth and you’re ready to go!



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