Soak up the Sun

DSC_9996Now when it’s getting darker and darker outside our appreciation for the sun hits the roof. It’s like you want to throw yourself outside every moment you see a bit of blue sky and the sun peeking out between the clouds. Magical! And the air gets so crisp and fresh as well. This was exactly the case when me and Mona were out taking these photos.

Here, in Turkey it is pretty grey, and even if the sun comes out sometimes, I haven’t really seen a blue sky since getting here. Quite depressing to be honest. Apart from that and still being ill, Turkey is treating me well. Yesterday we went to the headquarter of Eroglu (who produce denim for H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Allsaints, Marks & Spencer etc.) which was a great experience. There we got to see all the different departments and the making of the samples from sewing to adding finishes and washing. Unfortunately I was not feeling well enough to come to the factory so I didn’t get to see that part but only the headquarters was a great enough experience on its on for me.

Today I’m laying in bed and trying to get some energy into my body so that I hopefully can go on a little walk during the day.
DSC_9999 DSC_9997



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