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RICHARD AVEDON. My absolute favourite photographer of all time is Richard Avedon. He was a portrait and fashion photographer born and raised in New York City, 1923, with a Russian Jewish heritage. He began as a freelance photographer and became later the well-known press photographer for Harper’s Bazaar and many other fashion magazines.While working as a photographer at the different magazine, he developed an original approach to make fashion photographs.

His main subject in his photographs were the models, he used to work with them in a slightly different way then other photographers used to do. He showed them expression, such as smiling, laughing and he often posed with them in action, he talked to them and asked questions while he was taking photographs, to capture the personality and soul.

In 1965 he ended his partnership with Harper’s Bazaar and began a long-term with Vogue instead until 1988. He later on established formidable creative relationships with the French magazine Egoiste and with The New Yorker.


 “Dovima with the Elephants”– has become an iconic fashion photo, because of its surreal contrast of the model and the elephants, combining fantasy and reality. This photograph was taken at the Cirque d’hiver in Paris, 1955. The dress was the first evening dress Yves Saint-Laurent designed when he was an assistant for Christian Dior. This is my favorite photograph taken by Richard Avedon, because of the combination of the elegance in fashion and with the cute elephants, which gives the photograph its peace and charm.

Here is a selection of Richard Avedon’s photographs which I like the most:


richard3 richard4

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