REPETITIVENESS. I must admit I’m so f*cking tired of this shirt under cardigan idea but I’m really loosing my mind looking for new things during the winter. Either I live in turtlenecks and big knits or I freeze.. So if anyone has any great, mind-blowing ideas feel free to fill me in!

Anyways, I really like the combination of animal print and green for some reason. It’s not in any way difficult to wear and they both take out the best in each other. And one thing I have discovered is that silk shirts really does keep you warm! Normally I start freezing as soon as I think of a shirt during the winter but these ones, believe me or not, are even possible to wear without a sweater on top (And no, I don’t mean outside).

Now I’m on my way to Belgium with my boyfriends family where we will spend the next couple of days. Will be so nice to go there! Pretty fun that I don’t think I’ve ever been to Belgium before 2013 and somehow this will be the 3rd time this year that I’m going there. I’m not easy on compliments when it comes to countries (other than Sweden and China of course) and I really must say that it’s such a nice place!

greeeen GreenandLeopard3 GreenandLeopard4 Photography by Manny Huntelaar

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