Preview – Black and Blue

R3You remember the other day when I met up with my friend and photographer Felicia Linden. I got sent the photos last night and since she hd retouched this already I thought I would give you a little preview! What do you think? I think it looks super cool!

Yesterday was a day with a very full agenda that started early with group meetings and after that lectures until around 5. Then me and Sarah went to my place and made some soup before she started helping me with going through the texts and graphics of a document for the sport site that you hopefully will find out about either this or next week. I’m so excited about letting everybody know what me and my aunt have been working on for the last couple of months. But, now I need to hurry up and get to work where I have a feeling it will be a very stressful day with meetings and a ton of things that needs to be done for the collection as well as the old collection that needs to be sold out! I will let you know about the discounts!

Have a great day! Ciao!


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