Here’s a little preview of the upcoming outfit. First I wasn’t that fond of the photos since it was really dark when me and my sister Emelie (check her portfolio HERE)  snapped them (the sun goes down before 3 here!) but ended up liking them in the end. So let’s see what you will think tomorrow.

As I wrote yesterday, I cut my hair so wanted to show up my epic hairstyle yesterday but ended up freezing too much so had to put a beanie on. I am really a person who could never walk around with a cold head just because I want to look nice. During the autumn and winter I don’t leave the house without one which may be a bit boring after a while in the photos but it’s simply a compromise I’m not willing to take 😉 .

Today I’ve just been laying at home relaxing and watching Swedish TV which I LOVE and in a bit I’m going to take a little walk to buy a present for a family friend which probably will not take more than an hour and then go back to the sofa again. I’m really taking the time to rest as much as possible now so I can fully recover soon!

So I hope you will have a great Saturday with a lot fun things on the agenda (or a lot of rest!)

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