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PHOTO-SHOOT.Last year I did a photo-shoot with my sister Jacqueline Linden and my best friend Beatrice Osterman. Jacqueline was the make-up artist and hairstylist, and Beatrice was my model.

We did this shoot to fill up my sister’s portfolio, and mine and thought it was a fun idea as well. We wanted a model who is photogenic, that’s why we choose Beatrice, because she has a face that is stunning, and she looks seriously good on all the photos I ever seen on her, she has a god hair quality as well and she is a redhead (love redheads).


My sister did a glamorous make up with lots of glitter and color, and she did different variations of hairstyles. We shoot with different backgrounds to really get a good colorful touch in the photos. And we used my sister dog Charlie as props, he was quite photogenic as well.


Here is some of the photographs:

beaa2 beaa
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