Pink n Blue

DSC_4190So awesome to have a door like this just around the corner. Yesterday was a busy day, hence the radio silence here on the blog. FracasNoir was co-hosting an event in Haarlem so there were a few things that needed to be arranged and before I knew it I had gone an entire day without food. Just before 5 I managed to get half a sandwich into my system before we had to keep going but fortunately for me there were plenty of canapés being served at the event. Thank God! The location of the event was absolutely great but unfortunately not that many people showed up so we just have to make sure to do it much better at the next event. Next time it will be in Amsterdam for sure.

Today I need to finish an assignment for school as well as some things for work so I have enough on my plate today. Hopefully I will get everything done so that I can have a relaxing evening tonight, really looking forward to that!

I’m wearing/Vintage sweater from Spitafields Market/Sunnies from Accessorize/Shorts from Armani Jeans/



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