Pink from Paris Fashion Week

IMG_1634PINK FROM PARIS FASHION WEEK. Last Tuesday Paris Fashion Week started and will be going on until this Wednesday. Luckily for me I have a supplier of street style photography straight from outside of the shows. My friend Felicia Linden, who took these photos (and there are plenty of more to come) studies at Parson’s in Paris and you should check out her site HERE.

One of the biggest trends we are seeing this spring is different pastels which usually I wouldn’t be too impressed by, but for some reason I have come to love it! I don’t know if it is that lately I’ve become a bit tired of only wearing black but it seams as though my latest purchases have been in different cute colours (such as pink, huuuhhh). Anyways, I must say there’s really something special about this look that just makes you so incredibly happy. So let’s see if I will turn from a born and bread Darth Vader into a Pastel Princess this spring! Stay tuned!

IMG_1624 IMG_1621
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  1. trendsencounters

    It is way too pink for me, haha. I’m not really leaving my Darth Vadder spirit this Spring, only making it softer. I tried it too many times but I always fail. However, this year trends got me excited! There are a bunch that i’m loving and they include colour!
    By the way, I checked out your friend’s site and I must say her Fashion pictures are hella incredible! She’s talented! xx

  2. rebecca

    Haha yes it’s difficult! But it gives you that extra spring feeling with some extra colour.
    Ahh I will let her know that you said so! Thank you


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