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I have always known that I wanted to be a photographer. So before I applied for schools and figure out exactly what I wanted to study, I wanted to make sure that photography was the thing I want to do and not just a hobby. So I took a course in photography at Folk Universitetet in Stockholm.


It was once a week for three months. We learned all the basic about how the camera works, basics in Photoshop, and lightning. We got a few books we had to read and assignments to do for each class. We had one class in a photo studio where we photographed with professional lightning and backdrop. Here are two photographs I took in that class.




As for our final assignment, which would later be presented in an exhibition we had the opportunity to do anything we wanted to do. So I made a series of portrait photographs of my little sister Constancia. I collaborated with my older sister Jacqueline who is an make-up artist and hair stylist. I took photos of Constancia wearing different make-up and hairstyles through time. In the end I had four photographs of her in all the different styles.

The first one is 1920’s, the second 1940’s, the third 1960’s and the last 1980’s.


20tal KLAR

40tal KLAR60tal KLAR80 tal KLAR


I really liked that course and it made me realize that photography was the subject I wanted to study. So if you are really interested in something but are not really sure you want to study it, take a course for a couple of months just to see if it is your thing.


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