Photobomb from Chateau St Gerlach

DSC_1034Ohh God, time goes fast when you’re having fun, or not so fun – time always goes fast! Especially now before Christmas it feels like the time has been slipping away. For the first time I’m actually not in that much big of a stress at least when it comes to the Christmas presents since I took care of quite a few when I was at home in Stockholm.

Anyways, I completely forgot to share the photos from me, my amazing boyfriend and his family’s mini trip to an amazing chateau outside of Maastricht the other weekend – Chateau St Gerlach. It was absolutely amazing and if anyone has a chance to go there I highly recommend it. We started out by visiting Maastrich where we walked around for a bit before we took the car to St Gerlach where we immediately decided to head over to the spa for some cosiness in the pool and after (for me) a very quick visit to the sauna. After that we rested for a bit before visiting the amazing restaurant where we celebrated my boyfriends dad’s birthday. It was really amazing and even if it was a set menu they were happy about changing it in my case since I’m on quite a restricted diet because of my stomach (not because I want to loose weight 😉 ).

The morning after the boys went to play golf and us ladies went for a facial and after that for a walk into a nearby little town. It was so extremely refreshing being in the nature for once! Being a real city girl, I almost only get to experience nature when I go to our family’s country house, especially now when I live in Amsterdam so this is something I really appreciate. Just breathing some fresh air and listening to pure nature instead of cars and busy people. And it seams like I will be going back to this amazing spot next week for a business meeting on the 27th (yes, we do work during Christmas in the weekend haha) and then of course some bonding time! My love will be coming with me so will be the perfect mix of business and pleasure.

So today will be a quite busy day work-wise with some planning and then two Skype meetings. One with the designer and one with the production manager to double check that everything in the planning will be fine etc. I really believe that this collection will be amazing and it is so much fun to be a part of this entire process. Also, later my friend Sarah is coming over for a business meeting where we are discussing how she can help with the re-branding of FracasNoir which will be a lot of fun. She is such a talent when it comes to branding so will be a lot of fun to see what she will be able to come up with. After that I will just relax, have a nice dinner and try to get into the Christmas spirit a bit! After Saturday I will be completely lonely here in Amsterdam until the 23rd when my boyfriend is coming so hopefully I will get some socialising before that haha. I will start climbing the walls!

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