Orange Mesh

Orange-mesh2ORANGE MESH. So finally I got a chance to show this black and orange mesh sweater I bought at Zara a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love it. It just looks so cool! The only thing I have to complain about is the material (can unfortunately not tell you what material it is since I cut the thingy off…). It is quite uncomfortable and if you wear it on a night out you have to throw it straight into the washing machine again.. Which I think absolutely sucks.

Right now I’m in The Hague. Got here yesterday to help Bou’s mum to take some photos in her shop and afterwards I just relaxed since Bou was in Amsterdam and today we went to buy some spray-paint for the art project we are going to do! Started spraying a bit already and you can get a little sneak peak if you follow me on Instagram. So much fun! Now I’m going to keep painting and then do some studying before we are going to start celebrating Bou’s mum who had her birthday a couple of weeks ago. Tonight we’re going back to Amsterdam and tomorrow there will be a lot of studying going on since I’m working all Tuesday (on a beyond fun thing that I will tell you about later!)

Have a great day!

I’m wearing /Sweater from Zara/Coat from H&M/Bag from Prada/


Orange-mesh Orange-mesh3
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