On a walk with the dog

This morning me and my sister went for a walk with our dog Clinton. I have so many photos to show you but I will show you tomorrow since I have a massive amount of work that needs to be done today. Yesterday I left early in the morning to go to my aunts place to get some work done. We worked really effectively I would say and I’m so excited that we will soon be able to have our landing page ready as well as our social media channels so we can starts connecting with all sport lovers out there that want to be the first to discover our site. Woho! I will of course let you know the moment it is up!
Today I will keep working on the site and the things around it as well as take care of some other things. Time flies by so quickly every single time I’m in Stockholm and I can’t believe it is already Thursday, but I guess that just means that I’m having fun! But now I’m off to work for a while! Ciao!


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