DSC3224In lack of other photos I thought I would do a little recap from some outfits from the summer.  All of these photos makes me so happy since it makes me think of all the great times when me and my sister was out shooting them. It really becomes so much fun when both think that it’s fun and you can make plans together for how to do it and try new things. Also the most fun part was that we got to try out quite a few different cameras and see what the difference was. Both of us shoot with Nikon D600 but now we could also try out the Nikon 1, Nikon D800 and Nikon D820 which was a lot of fun!

I just got home from grocery shopping since I’m going to try out my house wife skills and cook for my boyfriend tonight! So now I need to start preparing a bit. Ciao!
DSC2465 DSC3343 DSC_8510Screen-Shot-2014-08-24-at-17.14.02DSC_4251 DSC_8565



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