Old Cars

DSC_3148Photos by Mona von Zweigbergk

I wish I could have showed you guys this awesome pink car me and Mona found the other day in The Hague but unfortunately something went from with the settings on these photos so they’ll have to be black and white. Well anyways… Yesterday I spent the entire day working and after that I went out for a run before going to bed. I had so much trouble sleeping for some reason so this morning I had to fight myself out of bed again. So horrible and not really the preferable way to start the day out!

Right now I’m at school preparing for a presentation I have today together with my group and after that I will go home and work for a while. I was supposed to go to Turkey next week for a photoshoot but since the collection is delayed this will not be possible. This means that the shoot is being moved to Malta in two weeks instead which means that I first go for a few days to visit my best friend in Italy and then fly straight to Malta to visit my dad as well as have the photoshoot. I’m super excited but this also means that I have to get going with arranging everything for the shoot. Also, since I’m going away I need to finish the project for school a week earlier but I don’t think this will be a problem since the workload is quite small.

Now I need to get back to all the arrangements! Have a great Tuesday!



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