OBEY Propaganda at the Chateau

DSC_1249Straight after Christmas, on the 27th me and my boyfriend once again had the pleasure of going back to Chateau St Gerlach outside of Maastricht here in the Netherlands. I had a business meeting during the day there and so we got treated to stay in a suite there for one night (Apparently President Bush stayed in the same suite a couple of years ago).

The way there was pretty rough since it started snowing a lot but when we got to the Chateau it was completely green again but freezing cold. Me, being the total optimist when it comes to weather had only brought a spring coat thin as paper so our planned walk on the grounds turned into being at the most 500 meters before I had to go inside again. Of course, wearing a skirt on top of that was not the most clever decision ever but everybody makes mistakes right?

I also wore my awesome OBEY propaganda sweater that a bought a couple of days earlier at Baskèts Amsterdam which I really love. My boyfriends jacket that he’s wearing here is also from there and I wish I could have the same one!

Anyhow, work went well and we loved being back again. Twice in less than a month!

I’m wearing/Coat from H&M/Sweater from Baskèts Amsterdam/Skirt from Gina Tricot/Sneakers from Nike/Watch from Nixon/
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