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Last night I started thinking about the fact that within one week I’ve been on 4 different locations in 3 different countries. Last week Thursday I was in Istanbul, Thursday night until Sunday was spent in the Hague, got back in Amsterdam until Tuesday and then I was off to Stockholm, Sweden.

Ironically, this has not been the best week of my life but a completely messy time filled with stress and sickness. Usually, I would of course appreciate all of these things but nothing in life is easy while not feeling like yourself.

So, as you may understand there is nothing that feels better at this moment than being in my hometown for a bit and being taken care of by my family. Just being in my own bed and being able to watch Swedish tv, drink Swedish tea and Proviva fruktdryck (a fruit drink that I always drink while in Sweden) is just such an amazing feeling that makes me feel so at ease. It’s not very fashionable, and therefore the lack of blogging, but sometimes this is just what happens in life.

At least I got my hair cut today, which was definitely needed and I absolutely love it! For the rest I’ve just been resting and trying to get as much energy as possible since I’m going to snap some photos at a tennis court at 6 for a new business we are working on (woho) and after that hopefully there will be energy enough to go to the restaurant Shibumi with my family afterwards. Luckily the place is just around the corner and since I cannot eat that much food at the moment I will try to taste as much as possible and then go back home when I’m completely out of batteries.

So I hope you will have a great Friday and don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM for more updates 🙂

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