No weekend


Working from the early morning to late at night, that was my day yesterday. Some Saturday I’d say. The good thing though about the amount of work needed to be done at this moment is that I really enjoy it. I love sitting in inDesign and making layouts but it does drive you absolutely mad after a while. Especially when there’s not really any time to go outside for some fresh air. But the presentation is tomorrow, and I can’t wait for it to be over. I have such a stage fright and there’s really nothing worse for me than presenting so the relief when it’s finally over will be beyond belief.

But I’m trying to keep my mood up and looking forward to that my man is coming to Amsterdam on Thursday! I can’t wait to see him and finally get some kind of a holiday. Of course there will be a lot to do during this time but will still be great to get away from Amsterdam for a bit.

In this photo that my roommate Mona took of me I’m wearing my One Woman Man beanie that I absolutely love. I have them in maybe 10 different colours and they will definitely be worn a lot now when the autumn and winter is sneaking in on us. There are more pics to come but will publish those tomorrow since I need to get back to working now. Hope you’ll have a great Sunday!

I’m wearing/beanie from One Woman Man/


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