No Motivation

DSC_6953AMS. This schizophrenic weather is killing me. Warm one day, cold the other, how is it possible to keep up? Anyways, yesterday I wore long black trousers and a coat and I was still freezing, and it’s June (?!?)

Today won’t be more fun than yesterday, just studying studying studying and sewing sewing sewing. I seriously can’t wait for the holidays! I have reached the point when I’m starting to get less motivated just because I know I only have 3 weeks left. Anyways, I have to convince myself to keep going!

I’m wearing/golden tee from Monki/Coat from H&M/Watch from Nixon/Backpack from Pull&Bear/Shoes from Spring Court via NicoNico
DSC_6941 DSC_6944 DSC_6950 DSC_6956DSC_6948

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  1. helen

    i feel the same about the weather too! just as i put my autumn/winter clothes away, it’s windy and awful outside. lovely outfit! your photos are beautiful

    from helen at


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