Nike 10K Run & Oyster Brunch

 My body is so incredibily sore right now.. Last evenin I ran the Nike 10K run and it was so much fun! I am so proud of myself for making it through even if I knew before I’m way to competitive to ever give up in a situation like that.
After the race me, Sara and Sofie went home to Alice for some spaghetti carbonara and since I didn’t have the energy to make it back home I decided to sleep over at Sarah’s place. Much better than waking up all sore completely alone I would say!

When we woke up we had a coffee and then went for a post run brunch with Sofie and Alice at Hugo’s Bar. We ordered all the oysters on the menu from which I would say three out of four were great. The biggest disappointment was for sure the Granny Smith oysters that was sort of oysters with apple sorbet….not a hit in my mouth at least. We also ordered baba ganoush which was absolutely great and duck pancakes where the duck was too dry which was pretty sad.. To all of this we had a Bloody Mary that we got to make by ourselves with some help from some girls from Ketle One Vodka! Apart from some of the food not being up to standard it was a really cosy day. I would have preferred going straight home but I needed to go out to Haarlem for a fitting with a singer who are performing in some FracasNoir clothing on Tuesday. When I got home I was so incredibly tired so I ordered some sushi and am now laying in bed watching Suits before I’m off to dreamland!

I hope you had a great Sunday!     


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