New Opinions & Berlin

DSC_9577As I mentioned earlier, I spent last weekend in Berlin together with my love. We rented bikes in true Dutch spirit so that we could easily transport ourselves around the city and  ate a lot and some really amazing food. We also went to Watergate on the Saturday evening which of course maid our Sunday very energetic (yes you heard it right, that’s sarcasm).

The reason why we went to Berlin this time was because my boyfriend absolutely love it there and last time I was there I simply didn’t get a good impression, so basically we wanted to see if I would change my opinion. For me my experiences were like night and day. I had so much fun this time around and really loved seeing all the cool places. Last time was a complete nightmare for me, which probably have to do with the fact that I went there together with my entire program. The service was bad, people were unfriendly and the weather was shit. BUT – I’m very happy that I got the chance to change my opinion about this amazing city.

Biking and walking around all the time means that comfort is on the top of the list. No heals (wore a pair the first evening and deeply regretted it), no dresses, you know what I mean. And another rule of thumb when you know you will be eating like a horse is to wear something slightly oversized. 😉 So, you might be able to guess what the next couple of days are going to be like? Food, food and more food!

DSC_9596 DSC_9584 DSC_9592


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