New In – All black!

NewIn2NEW IN. So I already told you that my mum took me out shopping the other day. And yes, I know that everything is black but why break a winning concept? The first top is completely transparent and I will use it together with a nice and black balconette bra or over a body. My mum found it for me in the shop and I’m so happy that she did cause it’s so perfect! NR2 are the shoes my sister got for me, I think they’re absolutely perfect and the size of the heel is amazing for wearing during the day as well as during the night!

NR3 is an amazing black blouse with an open back. If you stand up straight with it you only show a little sneak peek of the lover back but if you dance or move the entire back will be showing which I love! I think it’s so much sexier to show some back than cleavage!

And last but not least we have a pair of shiny black trousers that I love! They are super comfortable = tight without making you look like a meatball!

/Top from Size 8 Needle/Shoes from H&M/Top from Size 8 Needle/Trousers from Crocker/

NewIn4 NewIn NewIn3
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