Navigli Afternoons

DSC_3416Ohh lord, last night I landed in Malta and it’s so warm here I don’t know what to do with myself. This morning me and dad went out for a run at 7ish and the sun was already up so you can imagine how my body (and in particular my head) was burning when we got back. I still have a ton of pictures to post from my trip in Italy so I will do that before you get to see what it’s like here!

The day’s in both Milan and Bologna were great. We took these pics quickly before entering our apartment in the Navigli area in Milan. I really liked the area since we were outside of the chaos of the city centre but still close enough to walk wherever we wanted to go. It feels as though my feet are about to drop off any second since they’re still hurting from all the walking. A foot massage would be more than needed at this point!

I’m wearing/Jacket from Zara/Top from VeroModa/Trousers from Monki/Shoes from Nike/Bag from Prada/


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