My thoughts on the Swedish election

2014-09-12%2018.20.12Lately I have left the blog in total silence due to both a lack of time and that I simply haven’t had anything of interest to publish. But now I will start over again.

As I told you, last week I was out shooting with my photographer friend Iveta Cevorová. She is such a talented photographer and I’m really excited to see the pictures. This is the only photo I’ve gotten so far and I absolutely love it. The doors in the pic makes it such a cool photo! And also, I’m in love with this amazing jacket my boyfriend bought for me. Absolutely amazing and super cosy! Just the way I like it.

Yesterday, it was elections in Sweden and I could hardly sleep because I was so overwhelmed and sad about the result. It is really astonishing for me how people cannot appreciate what our since yesterday former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has done for Sweden, especially when it comes to the economic situation. Sweden has tackled the financial crisis in a way that separates us from other countries and I believe that is something that we should not take for granted. Also, it is beyond belief that the anti immigration party managed to get 13% of the votes, and become Sweden’s third biggest party. I think it scary and backward thinking but I do believe that it is time to respect the voters and start bringing up these issues now that the people has shown that this is something they care about. Otherwise what’s the use of democracy?

Anyways, I’m happy at the moment that I don’t live in Sweden and can keep some distance from seeing it going back to being a socialistic country. But, now I’m going to get changed and then off to dinner with Mona!


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