Mixing Materials

DSC_0747Photography by Mona von Zweigbergk

The weather outside is just too depressing to even bring up (oops I just did..) and any photos are just doomed to be grey and without any excitement whatsoever. When the colours turn more and more subdued I always make the best of the situation and make them completely black and white instead. This usually is quite a good save.

Anyways, after having worn this outfit I once again got reminded of that it is now way to cold to even thinking about wearing a skirt, and definitely not paired with only a crop top with no fluffy sweater in sight. Both my legs and toes were numb after only a couple of minutes outside and it took way to long to recover from it. It took putting the heating in the apartment up a couple of degrees and putting on a pair of pants over the tights together with some typically Swedish knitted socks to do so.

But, what I really wanted to talk about in this post is what I think may be one of the best ways to keep a simple outfit a bit more interesting, and this is mixing materials. I love the Zara coat I bought last year since it makes it possible to wear a leather jacket jacket even during these colder temperatures. It immediately makes a look much more edgy and interesting and paired with my fur clutch that I got from my grandmother it’s an instant hit! Mixing soft and fluffy with hard is something that works so incredibly well, especially if you like wearing monochrome looks.

Having that said, today I’m going to send out a few emails and do some work before going to the Hague tonight to have dinner and stay over at my man’s parents house which will be really nice. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving the house early to start the drive to Maastricht where we will pick up my love and then spend a weekend at a castle out there which means eating amazing food and relaxing in the spa for the rest of the weekend. Can’t say I’m not looking forward to that!

I hope you will all have a great Friday!

/Sneakers from Nike/Skirt from Gina Tricot/Coat from Zara/Vintage fur clutch/ 

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