Mirror the Mountains



Last week before me and Bou went to Austria I went out looking for a pair of sunglasses since I wanted a new pair for the holiday. I couldn’t find anything anywhere and then all of a sudden there they were! I really love the mirror glass on them and they are also super comfortable!

Yesterday after my Chinese class I went straight to work. So many things to do but had a great day and got a lot of things done which is always positive! Now I’m off to another Chinese lesson and after that I am having lunch with Sarah who is having her birthday today! Woho! We will combine pleasure with work and start planning for the photoshoots that are only 3 weeks away. So much love for short deadlines haha. So there’s to say the least a lot to do before this so it’s time to get crackin’!

Tonight my love is coming to Holland so I am going to prepare something nice for dinner as well. All suggestions are welcome!


IMG_2690 sunnies IMG_2689 IMG_2687


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