Meetings and Messy Hair

photo 2Yesterday evening I as I told you yesterday had a meeting together with my boss at FracasNoir and my friend Sarah to discuss what we are going to do in terms of branding now when the new collection is soon coming. As you probably already know I work as the Creative Director of the brand and since we have been thinking about rebranding it for a while I thought it would be great to take in her as she is really talented with just branding! The meeting went great and on Friday we are sending in our proposal and then we’ll take it from there!

I wore a Weekday t-shirt that is light purple/pinkish but looks white on these pictures (???) my new trench and a pair of jeans. These photos really made me laugh since I always talk about that Dutch girls do not know what hairbrushes are and then I see my own hair.. Well, well I will blame the wind and just make sure to keep a brush ready for next time!

Today I have a meeting for Sport Without Limits, one class at school and after that I need to start working on a new project for the creative agency I work for so it will be a good but busy day for sure. My goal for this week is to get as much done as possible so I can relax on Saturday and Sunday when I’m joining Bou’s parents to Düsseldorf to see my love! So now I will get on with my day!


photo 1


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