Meanwhile in Amsterdam

DSC_4122Photography by Mona von Zweigbergk

Let’s take a little break from the holiday photos for a moment and instead have a look at how I’m having it in Amsterdam at the moment. The day I got back here it was pretty warm but since then it feels like the degrees has been going down a bit again and today it’s raining.. So typical.. Today I’m running the Nike 10K run here so I’m hoping the rain will go away until then since I don’t want it to be more difficult than it already is haha. Anyways, now I have done everything I can to recharge my batteries by sleeping and eating a lot so hopefully I will get through it alive! Or at least semi-alive..

After the race which is at 9 in the evening (!!?) we are going for a quick shower before heading to Rollende Keukens (the rolling kitchens) which is sort of like a food festival so it will be the perfect reward after a tough run! Nothing better than being surrounded by a ton of food I would say!

Now I’m going to keep relaxing for a while before I’m off! Oh, and btw, what do you think about the henna tattoos I got during my holidays? I absolutely love them (they make me feel a bit badass) so I’m so sad they’re almost already away…

I’m wearing/Top from Armani Jeans/Shorts from Lindex/Shoes from H&M/Clutch from Emporio Armani/



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