Me Week

DSC_3167ME WEEK. So after having handed in the prototype project this monday I decided to do exactly the things I want to do for a couple of days. So these last couple of days have basically consisted of relaxing and drinking wine with friends. Yesterday I had a meeting at Susanne’s place for FracasNoir together with Iveta and Morella. So many fun things coming up that I’m super excited about. And of course it’s so much fun to work with such amazing people.

After the meeting I went home and Mona came over for some wine, after that Lisa came down and Ophelia came over and we decided to go out. First we went to a bar by Leidseplein and after that we went to a place called Dolly’s where we ended up staying until way after closing hours. So even if I was super tired today I had so much fun that it definitely worth it.

I would have loved to stay inside tonight and keep watching the Bridge (Scandinavian people really are geniuses) but I made the promise to go out with Kim and Lisa tonight

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