Less is more

DSC_8814There’s nothing better than a white shirt, especially not when paired with a pair of leopard print shorts. I am a true believer in comfortable garments and outfits which doesn’t interfere with the things you are doing throughout the day. For days when you have a lot to take care of, a nice dress and heels simply doesn’t cut it since it will prevent you from moving freely. On day’s like these, I always choose to go as simple as possible, and instead focus on bringing in perhaps one element that will give the outfit that little extra – like in this case the leopard print shorts. It simply can’t go wrong.

Today, I decided to treat myself to a manicure. I did shellac for the first time three weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with the result so today I needed to redo it since my nails had been growing so much. Last time I decided to go for a nude looking nail but this time I made the decision to go for black nails! There will of course come a little review in a bit!

After my manicure I met up with my boyfriend for a real truffle lunch! We ordered a truffle pizza and ravioli for truffle sauce which was absolutely amazing! Now I am going to relax for a bit and after that we will have dinner and then he has his birthday party! Woho.

DSC_8805 DSC_8807 DSC_8802 DSC_8804


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    Looks like a great start to a nice weekend. Here in the states we are having a long weekend for labor day and will be celebrating with lots of food and comfortable clothing. Hope you guys have some fun and great outfit!


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