Lazy mornings

  This morning I was not really in the mood to get out of bed. When Bou woke me up at seven so I could come downstairs with him to let him out I barely got out of bed. On my way upstairs again my first thought was to go back to bed but instead I went straight to the coffee machine and prepared a nice coffee and some mango to take upstairs.

When I used to live in Sweden I always used to watch the tv4 morning program and I always had the best mornings ever there. For some reason it really gives me a good start to the day and makes me feel really calm. So a couple of weeks ago I started to take up on this tradition and now I’ve been streaming it online every morning, which is also what I’m doing right now.

When I’ve gotten my head back into the game I have will keep reading the book ”the 4-hour work week” by Timothy Ferriss which I’m completely hooked on! Really interesting and I will definitely try to apply these tips to my own daily life. Of course it won’t end up with a 4 hour work week but you can always hope!

Now I’m going to get back to watching my news and then kick off my day! I will post a new outfit post later today so I hope you will like it.



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