Last Week In Pictures


LAST WEEK. I am so extremely bad at remembering to write what it is that I’m doing so I thought it would be a great idea to make a little recap of the past week on Mondays from now on! I had a lot of studying to do last week so until Thursday I really did not do anything worth taking photos of. But here are the moments worth mentioning!

Me and Bou went to a super cool restaurant for lunch here in Amsterdam called The Fat Dog. You can check it out HERE. Now I want to make my own hotdogs with goose liver and truffle mayo!
After the heavy hotdog lunch, me and Bou went grocery shopping and cheese shopping at my favourite cheese shop and made some small things for dinner. We went for some Norwegian Gravad Lax (that was quite a disappointment I must say since we bought it ready and usually I always have my mother’s amazing, homemade one!), avocados with pesto rosso, entrecôte, a great salad with some unknown veggies and an amazing cheese plate with brie, goat cheese and truffle cheese with some strawberry and balsamico jam!



I even earned some wifey points by making a rhubarb crumble!



……and tried out some of my accessories I received for my birthday. I have been living in my Nixon watch that I got from Bou.

Then some phone photos from the Saturday at Diynamic Festival that was so amazing! We had so much fun and I am still completely exhausted 3 days later.. (getting old?)

photo 1

photo 2
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